Written as a fictional diary, Vancouver Memories is a love story, a coming of age tale, and a celebration of Vancouver, Canada, as it follows the life of a group of international classmates living in the city for a year. Incorporating over 500 photographs, the novel also aims to serve as a travel guide for incoming international students and as a souvenir for those who want to enhance their memories of the city.


Vancouver Memories:

My Year Abroad

An Imaged Novel

By Wendy Bullen Stephenson

The primary love story centres on two mid-twenty year olds who feel an immediate mutual attraction even before becoming aware of their similar  interests. Erika is a recent university graduate from Japan who is spending a gap year improving her already-proficient English before returning home to pursue an architectural degree. Sandford (Sandy), a Canadian musician, is taking time off from his architectural studies to be in a band full time. Could Erika and Sandy have a shared future despite potential problems and cultural differences? Erika’s possessive compatriot classmate certainly hopes not, as he wants Erika to be his girlfriend when they return home to Japan. He is, therefore, not concerned that his attention to Erika continually undermines Erika and Sandy’s developing bond.

Life for Erika’s fellow students is also intensely lived. Away from family expectations and cultural traditions, they feel a heightened sense of freedom. Some in this group of friends become infatuated with each other, all become strongly bonded, and most resolve conflicts within themselves so they form a clearer life plan.

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2nd Revised Edition, November 7, 2013